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Vern Commet, DNP, MSN was born in Yakima and raised in Tieton, better known as Upper Valley by the locals. He grew up on a farm and spent his weekends hiking the local mountains including climbing Mount Rainier numerous times. Commet worked in construction and at the local hospitals in the summers to put himself through college at Washington State University for undergraduate and graduate school. His graduate studies were focused on family health. He graduated with a Master of Nursing Practice and went back to school at Rocky Mountain University in Provo Utah where he completed a four-year Doctorate degree. At that time, he focused on Pain treatments with intervention for spine conditions. He started with a Neurosurgery group in 2000 but has maintained family practice credentials, cofounding one of the largest private clinics here in town with his lovely wife. They sold the practice and continue with a family practice in a limited fashion with urgent care.

Vern Commet, DNP, MSN

Doctor of Nurse Partitioning
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